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The Tsar of Forumcia was overthrown by members of the Congress Party in October 1917 in an organised coup. Pre-eminent amongst the agitators from the Congress Party was Suksiri Kulvaporn.

The Tsar of Forumcia and his quarterly activities, such as having lengthy forums during already lengthy assemblies, was highly unpopular amongst his subjects. The Congress Party, a relatively new organisation, was started by Suksiri Kulvaporn in 1916. In late 1916 Kulvaporn organised a recruitment drive for the party, drafting a proposal for the introduction of the Congress form of government. Kulvaporn's first party member was Ad. Lib (not his real name), a mustachioed gentleman

who approved highly of her views. Through Ad. Lib, the proposal reached the Forumcian Duma, the layer of administration just under the Tsar. The Duma, which was already very unhappy and highly oppressed by the Tsar, staged a coup d'etat in coordination with the Congress Party. In 1918, the Congress system of government was implemented.

Whether or not it was a failure remains a mystery. The new Bureaucratic Union of Congress Republics (BUCR) has yet to abolish its policy of isolationism and reveal itself to the outside world.

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