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10 things we like about PREP
5 Time to check our emails or research online:
This is a course in patience. To do well, we have to wait patiently for ten whole minutes before we are finally able to access our email or whatever website we want to enter, then curb any violent impulse like smashing in the monitor screen when a window with "Illegal Operation" pops up. If successful, consider yourself as having "graduated with honours".
4 To improve ourselves physically through Mass PE:
In order not to create a new breed of unfit muggers, all upper sec girls with nine subjects are required to do compulsory Mass PE. So you see, our school sees to it that our muscles and not just our brains get exercise!
3 More time to interact with our friends:
The classroom sounds like Takashimaya on a Sunday. When we retire to the library for some peace, we find that the library is competing for the top place in the Guinness Book of Records for the Most Densely Populated Place per Square Metre.
2 Morally Redeeming Talks:
Ah, the time for introspection on the state of our souls. Visions of what we may become; gangsters/hackers/thief ( *Delete accordingly. ) If we don't pay attention to them flash before our eyes.
1 For collaborative work:
You've been waiting for a long time in the classroom, wondering if you've got the right venue. Then you ask a passing acquaintance about the whereabouts of your project mates. "Oh, I just saw them in the lab playing computer games," she replies. Words cannot describe your feelings at this point.
Disclaimer: This article in no way represents the opinions of Tribune. It is merely an article meant for entertainment. No malicious offense is intended.

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