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Name: Mr Halsall a.k.a. Mr H (pronounced "aych")

Place of Origin:

George Town, Ontario, Canada

For the record:

He performed the Mr. America Routine (something like the Singapore Manhunt) on stage in 8th Grade.

He had a band called 'Threat in Crayons' at the age of 25, which consisted of three members.

Interesting facts:

He was a proud member of his school swim team. (What is it with teachers and swimming?)

20 years down the road, Tribune sees him:

Playing the guitar with his old friends in the garage.

Name: Mr Amin (left)

For the record:

Back in school, he was in the brass band and soccer team.

Interesting facts:

He really detested math class in sec 4 and used to run away from it.

He used to love catching grasshoppers and barbecuing them.

(He said they were delicious.)


Name: Mr Roslan

For the record:

He was from Mount Ophir Secondary School and his ECA was Malay Dance.

Interesting facts:

He used to enjoy slicing open insects and animals, i.e. what is commonly known as "animal abuse".

He likes the move from the office to the library because it now offers him more interaction with students, although it also raises his blood pressure.

He casually hints that he is single.

They disclosed:

The hall might be haunted. Mr Amin and Mr Roslan sometimes hear female voices calling for them and even footsteps that follow them around when they are in it. (Or are those just students?)

20 years down the road, Tribune sees them:

Watching animal documentaries in the library and fending off mischievious spirits. (As in multimedia-knowledge deficient students).


By Harti, Izzati, Mansi and Swati

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