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the students' voice

Name: Ms Goh Lee Kian

For the record:
Ms Goh sang 1st soprano in front of then President,
Wee Kim Wee.
She was a member of the Singapore Youth Choir.
She was trained to be a choir teacher at the age of 21.
(She masks that talent because PE is her keenest interest.)

Interesting facts:
Runs 10km in the mornings for fun. (What a success at NAPFA!)

She discloses:

Miss Anna Leong has a twin.

Apparently, it rains everytime Mrs Linda Lim washes her linen.

20 years down the road, Tribune sees her:

Conducting a marathon choir on National Day.

Name: Mr Benedict Lin

For the record:

He is a former ACS boy and was a member of the school swim team. He also has a degree in Mathematics.

He teaches Literature as he has a great love for words.

Interesting facts:

His favourite color is pink. (No wonder he wears pink shirts.)

He taught in RI for two and a half years.

When he was a little tot of four or five, he very much wanted to be an astronaut.

20 years down the road, Tribune sees him:

Chatting with his past debate girls in a pink shirt, watching SBS buses go by "like the seasons of his life".

Name: Miss Veronica De Silva

For the record:

She is a cooking enthusiast.

Once upon a time, she kept her hair long.

Interesting facts:

She gets an uncountable number of phone calls each day.

Number of whiteboard markers given out per day: 30

She gets around 10-12 lost wallet reports a month.

20 years down the road, Tribune sees her:

Cooking her favourite dishes while admiring photos of her long- haired days of yore.

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