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A BANANA PEEL. Why? Because if you do not study hard, your grades will start "slipping" just like a person stepping on a banana peel.

AN ANT HOLE. Like ants, we Sec 1s run around the school busily and hurriedly. (Okay, not the whole school, just block E.) Still we run through its mazes of classrooms and corridors, like ants in tunnels.

A CONDOMINIUM. If RI is a country club, then RGS is a condominium. We have recreational courts and many brightly coloured buildings not unlike the residential blocks in a condominium. Prefects function as security officers standing guard at the gate every morning. (Not to keep out strangers, but to book latecomers.) We've got everything, right down to a posh district 9 address. Now if only we could have a swimming pool too!

OUR EXTENDED FAMILY. Our homes seem to be hotels during weekdays. We spend about 11 hours in school everyday. (Especially if one has a time consuming CCA.) The average number of hours of sleep most people get is 7. You spend 4 hours locked up in your room pulling out hair over your homework. That leaves just 2 hours to "communicate" with your (real) family members.


A GAME OF CHESS. In this particular chess game, the king represents the reputation of RGS. We students are represented by the other playing pieces. Any wrong move by us might put our king in peril and cause him to fall into "the opponent's"

hands. Likewise, RGS girls are reminded to refrain from catfights in public lest our school's reputation should go to the dogs.

by Sarah Low

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