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July 2000


Joycelyn Yik

Nur Amira A Karim


Ow Siying


Xylia Sim

Chen Cuifen

Sylvia Chen

Jane Li Jie

Hartirathpal Kaur

Nur Izzati


Nadia Yeo

Siti Fathimah

Sarah Low

Jolyn Chua

Sylvia Xu

Mansi Maheshwari

Teacher Advisors

Miss Yeo Soo Ling

Miss Lina Tan

And many thanks to Mr Ben Ng and Mr Tan Hock Heng.


Here is the second issue of Tribune for the year 2000.

We've decided to redesign the newsletter logo to be more reflective of the issues facing RGS in the new millennium. The seamless interlocking of the three circles, bearing our school colours, represent the close interaction between staff and pupils in our school. All in all, the Tribune logo looks more sleek and progressive, and we hope you like it.

Once again, our budding reporters and journalists have produced a variety of articles for your enjoyment. In this issue, you can look forward a daring revelation of the lives of several staff members in the school, as well as a satirical take on the Student Congress. Read Tribune's very own David Letterman-inspired Top 10 list of Prep time occupations in our centrespread for some quick comic relief, then discover the truth behind the much maligned and often misunderstood form of student entertainment, IRC. An interview with our newly installed principal, Mrs Deborah Tan, covers her hopes and dreams for the future of RGS. Last but not least, we have a simile-spouting secondary one member to tell you what our school is like through the eyes of a newbie.

Hope you enjoy this issue!


PS: Sec ones, if you think you have ink in your blood and feel that you can write well, feel free to contact Ms Lina Tan at extension 844 for details on becoming a part of the Tribune.

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