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Church is an extremely exuberant pup and "does not seem to know the meaning of tired and rest." He especially enjoys jumping from one sofa to another. One place he is not allowed to go is the bedroom, as the first time he did so, he nearly tore up the sheepdog rug. He also seems to have a grudge against Ms Leow's other stuffed white dog--Sebastian. Everytime he manages to sneak into the bedroom, he immediately rushes to knock over Sebastian, who is twice the size of himself. They call it canine instinct.
Ms Sandy Leow is currently looking for a kitten, to be named "Chill", thus completing "Churchill".


2 Teacher: Miss Sandy Leow
Pet: A spaniel called Church for Churchill
History: Ms Sandy Leow bought Church 2-3 weekks after her old dog passed away in January last year. She did this because she missed the "pitter-patter" of the dog feet around thr apartment. Church got his name when Ms Leow's students gave her a stuffed bulldog. Bulldogs are supposed to represent Winston Churchill, and therefore she named the stuffed toy "Winston". Then, her colleague received two identical smaller ones and decided to name them "Church" and "Chill". Hence, Ms Leow decidded to also name her dog "Church".


3 Teacher: Ms Edna Tan
Pets: Kiki the dog,
a 3-legged cat called Mittens,
a rabbit named Honey.


Kiki was given
to Ms Tan in
1987, when Ms
Tan was in
Secondary 1.
Honey was
given to her
Kiki is 14 years old, making it 125 years old in dog years. Mittens thinks she is the queen and comes and goes as she pleases, and sometimes even sits on Ms Edna Tan's papers, demanding to be stroked. Not only that, Mittens eats lizards and regurgitates them, forcing poor Ms Tan to clean up after

  on her 21st birthday. Mittens was rescued from a
  drain in a hawker centre with rubber bands tied
  around her legs, thus cutting off the blood
  circulation. Ms Tan found Mittens and immediately
  brought her to the vet. However, as one of its legs
  was already rotting, it had to be amputated. Ms Tan
  then decided to keep Mittens as it could no longer
  fend for itself.
her. Once, Mittens even bit off a minah's head! That poor minah must have been misled by Mittens' "handicap".
Honey actually came as a pair with another rabbit named Bunny. However, Bunny died myteriously. Ms Tan thinks that Honey might have murdered him. Honey thinks she is a horse, often snorting and barking, Must have been watching too many western movies...Hee haw!
Ms Edna Tan hopes to have more pets, including a Golden Retriever. She also is Church's godmother.

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