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Teachers' Pets By Jeanine & Chere
Well, you all know what a teacher's pet is. No, not the little goody-two-shoes but, literally, a living, breathing, furry animal. Scientific research has indictated that pets often reflect their owners in terms of personalities or even looks! Therefore, this article contains a survey conducted among RGS students asking what kind of pets they think that their teachers probably own. We also included three exclusive interviews with pet loving teachers from our school, namely Ms Lina Tan, Miss Sandy Leow and Ms Edna Tan.
Animal Lovers...

1 Teacher: Ms Lina Tan
Pet: a hamster named Furry


    Furry is an adorable brown hamster with a dark stripe running down its spine. "Itchy", its nickname, is derived from its habit of scratching itself. This habit is common among all rodents and other animals to clean themselves of parasitic insects such as ticks and fleas.

    Why did Ms Tan choose a hamster and not a more active animal like a dog or a cat? Apparently, Ms Tan's mother is violently opposed to having a dog in the house so Lassie's out of the question... Conveniently, when Mr. Roslan's hamster littered, Ms Tan adopted one of the babies. Even though Furry may not be Ms Tan's first choice of a pet, it is nonetheless very adorable, and you can be assured that she loves it very much.

Given to Ms Tan in August 2000, Furry has since destroyed its once brand-new play wheel, forcing Ms Tan to buy another less destructible metal one. Hamsters are solitary animals that require minimal attention so ms Tan indulges in hamster-watching once in a while to unwind after getting a headache from grading illegible scripts.

Furry spends most of its time eating, sleeping, and doing other usual, everyday activities that most hamsters do. An interesting fact about Furry is that is was born in school and actually spent the first few months of its life (hidden) in the Staff Room!

A Teacher's Best Friend should be a...
according to our survery results, an overwhelming majority voted CATS as the teacher's best pal. DOGS come a close second, with strong recommendations from 24 students who think that loyal canines make the best companions. 2 very cheeky students suggest that teachers keep MOSQUITOES as they are good for attacking mischievous girls with, while another 2 are convinved that DOLPHINS are THE pets any cool teacher should have.

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