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Behind the Glass Doors...

Many can boast that they have explored and seen all of RGS. Every nook and cranny, every hidden crevice, every single room. Been there and done that. Nevertheless, I am sure every keen explorer yearns to discover the mystery behind the forbidden glass doors, where the only access is through a phone call that reveals nothing about the depths and secrets of...The Staff Room.

The condominium of files perched precariously on the table top must belong to a towering individual, noted for a "booming" presence. One wonders, who might this mighty fellow be?

Sterilized, sanititzed and clutter-proof to prevent infection and stress.
What a lucrative way to increase the earnings of the overworked and underpaid teacher: set up a provision shop in the Staff Room!
The gentle giant who owns the condominium is none other than Mr Michael Halsall. Pondering future property acquisitions, perhaps?

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