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Hi Everyone!

    Tribune kicks off 2002 with a renewed pledge to serve RGS as the Students' Voice. As the new school year begins, we bring you this special issue of Tribune that pays tribute to the teachers and support staff of RGS.

Find out more about the Unsung Heroes of our school on pages 2 and 3. Don't know who they are? Well, it's time for you to find out! Take a peek Behind the Glass Doors and see for yourself what juicy secrets the Staff Room has to offer. Teachers and their furry companions take the limelight on pages 6 and 7. Lastly, memorise David Letterman inspired Top-Ten Homework Excuses that we've compiled just for you!

Look out for our Chinese section as well! Uncover the hidden talents of our teachers in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Have fun playing tic-tac-toe and learn about their "first times" (ooh..). Also, find out who, or what, are our teachers' favourites. Finally, check out what it takes to be a teacher.

Our beloved teachers leave an indeilble mark on our lives and we would like to show them how much they mean to us. Teaching is a demanding task but our teachers do it with flair, dedication and enthusiasm. Like wise, the support staff of our school work behind the scenes to ensure that RGS runs smoothly.

Tribune dedicates this issue to all teachers and support staff!

Nur Izzati




Jolyn, Nadia, Izzati, Vandana, Gaiatri, Chere, Jeanine, Sarah

Other Tribune Members:
Swati, Mansi, Amira, Jane Li, Cuifen, Sylvia, Weisi, Jane Chua, Zhiyi, Janice, Siti3

Teacher Advisors:
Ms Lina Tan, Mrs Lim Geok Tuan, Ms Yeo Soo Ling, Mr Lim Chin Nam

Special Thanks to:
Mr Tan Hock Heng


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