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Now that all the partying is over and the year 2000 has actually arrived despite the hullabaloo, Tribune expresses its hopes and aspirations for RGS in the new milennium.
No more O Levels
We hope that Mrs Lim's proposal to MOE for our very own Raffles entrance exam is approved so that we can concentrate on more aesthetic activities instead of mugging our brains out. Perhaps we could even propose a merger of RGS, RI and RJC!
Go (even more) Cyber
We wish for school-sponsored notebooks for everyone's convenience; as well as lessons posted or conducted on the internet to bring about fewer school days and reduced travel time. We want more cyber-learning experiences with other schools in the spanking new Cyber Learning Centre to share knowledge and make lessons more fun.
Expand our facilities
Since lateral expansion is practically impossible in the heart of the city, why not build upwards instead? We could have a RGS skyscraper with a rooftop swimming pool, running track and ecogarden, all complete with elevators for student use. The levels in between could be used for the much anticipated students' hostel, with the classrooms improved upon and enlarged. The canteen could undergo a revamp and a larger variety of food could be sold. To ensure maximum security, we could bigger, better lockers with fingerprint-detecting, retina-scanning capabilities.
Maintain that Raffles Spirit
Most importantly, we should never lose the zest we have painstakingly built up over all these years and always strive to be different from the rest (in a good way). Filiae Melioris Aevi!
by Nur Amira and Joycelyn Yik

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