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If you had an unlimited budget, what would you do for RGS?

Ahhh... unlimited budget... oh my goodness! In the IT area, we would want to have people who can discuss things with you. We can then go another step towards sharing experiences and different cultures. There should be a twinning programme where students can be attached during the holidays. In the area of the arts (one of my favourite things), we can have different types of creative people coming in and working with you, either writing or directing plays. The same would go for musical groups: we can have great musicians coming in to bring us to another level of achievement and performance. It is a dream, isn't it?

Do you wish you had done anything differently?

I think, no. But there are things that I wanted to do and couldn't. I was thinking, we could have a boarding school, where we could have day care for the teachers' children. In 1994, we tried to do so, but we were disallowed. We wanted to have that place behind the field... a boarding school with 4 towers, 4 houses, a 200 metre track and rooftop swimming pool. (Make sure it doesn't leak, though.) That's my dream. It didn't materialise because we are on prime land. That is my only regret. Otherwise, we could have had summer camps and lots of fun things. Other children could also benefit from our type of education. Also, with IT you don't have to come to school every day, just 3 days a week maybe, for discussions and such. We could then double the enrolment. The time is not right, though. Anything I could have done, I would have done. I'm still looking for funds for the cyber learning centre. I'm an eternal optimist.



Big dreams. Dream big.

- Mrs. Carmee Lim

What are your visions for RGS in the next millennium?

Ahh... visions for RGS... mmmm... One would be lifelong learning, where everyone irrespective of age can enjoy learning and have access to learning and make learning a part of their lives. We hope that RGS will become an education hub, not only in the region but in the whole world. The main vision, however, would be for all of you to lead the next millennium for the next generation. That is what our philosophy is all about. How it turns out will depend on you and how you shape your lives, we can only provide you with the environment, the rest is up to you. I have confidence that you will do well. Just continue to shine that light for all... for Singapore and for others. Hopefully. Big dreams (big smile). Dream big.

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