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Interview with Mrs. Lim

Tribune caught up with our ex-principal, Mrs. Carmee Lim, and asked her questions about her career, her passions, as well as her dreams for the new millennium.

What made you decide to become principal of RGS?

I've always wanted to be associated with RGS. Before my appointment, I was with the Ministry doing a lot of fire-fighting, solving other people's problems. However, I wanted to have a part in planning and developing. The opportunity came when I heard that the then principal, Mrs Chee, was retiring. I wanted to be principal of RGS very badly, so I got it.

When you first started, what were your aspirations for RGS?

Actually, it was our vision: The Daughters of a Better Age. I wasn't really planning anything big. My main aim was actually to cut down emphasis on exams, but I came up against a lot of opposition. People have always had exams, so they didn't know what to do without them, even at the Ministry. Before we were independent, we took away the exams for art and home economics, but were told to put them back. I wanted all of you to enjoy learning. That was my main aim. When we became independent later on, we had more leeway to develop what we wanted - always to be a school of the future.

What has motivated you in your career as principal?

All of you! I wanted to see you in the forefront in creating a better age. I wanted you to leave the boring professions and to pursue a career where your passion takes you. You have to strike out on your own, be what you really want to be. Already we have quite a few people in different areas. Although we have our fair share of doctors and lawyers, we do have Kit Chan and several others in the music arena, and some other girls doing dancing overseas. The thing I really want to see, before I pass from this earth, is one RGS girl going into politics.

You have been a champion of Information Technology. What sparked this passion?

It was love at first 'byte'! I picked up a flyer at a conference in 1988 and that was what it said. That started my love affair with Information Technology. I wanted a school of the future, because IT will be part of our lives. It was our dream to create a new environment. The vision is there, but we change directions when necessary, for example, when the Internet came up. I thought it was very powerful for students to be able to discuss authentic scenarios with people from another culture. I thought that would be a very good learning experience.

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