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Name: Mrs Sulastri Anis
Years in RGS: 1982 -1985
ECAs: Track and Field, Tennis, Band (french horn), NDP choir, MLDDS.
After RGS:RGS PE teacher
Moment of glory: Part of the C Division RGS track team in 1983 who
were National champions.
What was RGS like then: "There was family atmosphere and cosiness between
students and teachers. I
had all my role models then, Mrs V. Abraham, Mrs Alice
John and Mrs Pearly Seah."

Name: Mardiana Abu Bakar
Years in RGS: 1973 -1976
After RGS: Web editor for the Straits Times.
Fondest memory: "We used to sit by the bio pond (outside Ms. Norris' office) which was the 'in' thing to do, sip our drinks and talk."

Name: Siti Mariam bte Selamat
Years in RGS: 1983 -1986
ECA: Guitar club, Prefectorial board
After RGS: Worked for TV12 as a producer of a current affairs programme. Did volunteer work for a year in Ghana. Recently awarded Tan Kah Kee Scholarship. Pursuing
Master's Degree in Public Policy in NUS.

Fondest memory: "I was really active in house activities and was actually roped in to be a Tarbet House mascot once. I was a Red Indian during Sports Day."

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