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"I represented the school in many sports such as netball, softball and also a little bit of gymnastics. The system then was as long as you were good, you could make the team. Many of us took part in many different sports. Each time there was a competition against another school, there would be busloads of RGS girls present at the venue to support the various teams. We also had many RGS cheers then and we really enjoyed ourselves. Back then, we had many memorable school camps too.

Dr Shirley Lim
Managing Director and Principal Accountant of the Research Communication International Pte. Ltd.
Head Prefect 1967.

"RGS gave me a lot of opportunities to do things independently. It inculcated in me the sense of self and the need to nurture it. It shaped the values which I still uphold today: discipline, moral standards, search for excellence, expression of creativity and service to community."

Claire Chiang
Executive Director of Banyan Tree Gallery

"The school has taught me to live life to the fullest: fearlessly, but not carelessly. Even now, the words of the school song still reverberate occasionally in my ears. During my time, April Fool's Day was one of the highlights every year when we would be audacious enough to lock the male teachers in the toilets, sprinkle itching powder on whichever teachers we could handle, tie tin cans and put up the " Just Married" sign on the back of the principal's car. Miss Norris, the principal then, was so sporting. She would gamely drive the car off at the end of the day with all the bits and pieces on it. I always wonder whether she drove all the way home with the cans or ripped them off the minute she turned off the corner at Anderson Road."

Ms Wang Look Fung
General Manager,
Group Public Affairs,
Keppel Corporation. Current Vice-Chairman of the RGS Board of Governors.
Student from 1962-65

1946 - 1951

Houses named and Prefectorial Board created under Headmistress Miss Hadley. She faced the task of rehabilitating RGS after the war, during which she herself was interned in Changi Jail.


New building at Queens Street.


First school magazine printed and released.

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