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Reflections - The 2.4 km Run by Chia Yan Min

Aching legs. Severe breathlessness. The nagging certainty that you will not live to see the end of the hideous torture you are going through.

Perhaps the above paragraph was a little exaggerated, but you should get what I'm driving at. That is what the dreaded words "2.4km run" mean for those of us who are not exactly long distance athletes, or just do not have enough stamina.

Maybe you are one of those lucky people who can run six rounds without getting the least bit tired, but I for one am far from reaching that level of fitness. My class just had our 2.4km run, and it was definitely no mean feat for most of us.

Even with our classmates cheering us on, most of us still continued walking or running at the same slow pace; the main reason being our fixation on simply finishing this round - and the next, and the next, and the next... When I first started on my first round, I was sure I would be able to run extremely fast and do well if I just pushed myself a little harder, but once I was well into my fourth or fifth I just wanted to get the whole thing over and done with.

Being a mere Secondary One student, this is my first year taking the 2.4km run. Perhaps it is because of this that we were not prepared enough - none of us really knew what to expect. Running in school is, after all, vastly different from running on the track itself; and before this, I have been running only 1.6km. How I miss those days now!

Sometime before the actual test, when you were utterly despondent and totally unconvinced of your chances of passing, had it ever occurred to you to launch into a last minute fitness program solely to get past this test? Well, it occurred to me - and speaking from experience, it doesn't work.

There is, perhaps, one thing good about the 2.4km run - it shows you just how little (or much) stamina you have. If you didn't exactly do tremendously well for the test - well, you should get the hint and train up for the run the following year. If you did well, keep it up! And however good (or bad) your timing was this year, do try to better that timing next year.