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Untitled by Lim Zhiyi

Here I am, being bored to death. Actually, if you think about it, how can anyone be bored?

This is the 21st century, with all new gadgets that have been invented throughout the years. Even on the computer alone, there are a thousand games to play, each with its own captivating story line and graphics that burst with colour. Don't forget, that's just on the computer. What about the dozens of video game consoles? Playstation 2 [ Ed- I want one ], Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast are only a few examples of such machines. Not to mention the TV, the radio and all the other appliances, designed to entertain the mind and ease boredom.

So we come back to the question at hand: how can anyone be bored? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that what we can do is so repetitive. Take, as I mentioned earlier, computer and video games. True, each story line is different, but the objective of each game is still the same. Kill the villain, and claim the prize. It is the same with TV and radio. The same songs are always played, and how much can the plots of TV serials differ anyway?

In fact, even though on the surface what we have seems interesting, but after doing it too many times, it can get boring.

Oh well, my article's done now. What should I do? I could play that new computer game, Red Alert 2, or there's always Pokemon Stadium on my N64. Nah, too boring. [ Ed- Let me camp at your house ]