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Untitled by Janice Heng

I'm staring at this clean blank page on Microsoft Word, wondering what to say, and realising that whatever I am even vaguely interested in writing about for Tribune will be unable to be published. Or at least I fear so.

On the whole, Singaporeans have become more vocal over the years, especially the younger generation. I think it's safe to say that. Anonymity is a factor, especially with the development of the Internet, and many people out there are more open when under a pseudonym. Another reason may be the loosening - however slight - of our country's censorship standards. But there are still those who don't voice their opinions, for whatever reason.

Sometimes one's opinion goes against the norm, or questions authority too close to home. If I were a writer for the local tabloid Today, I wouldn't challenge the standards of the paper, or blaspheme MediaWorks. The same goes for other people - a GEP student attacking the inherent bias of the programme is unlikely.

According to an article a few months ago, younger Singaporeans are developing an alarming apathy. In that article the apathy was towards politics, but even here in school traces of it is evident. Some pupils stay quiet in class, not even trying to participate in discussions. Some CCA members don't care about representing their school in competitions. That is another reason for this reluctance to speak out for what they believe - they don't care enough about it.

This article is just rhetoric and contradictions, because yours truly is one of those who doesn't want to be outspoken. And even after writing this article, I don't feel the need to tell you what to do. Other writers, perhaps more fueled by this topic, would call for you to start making your feelings known, to dare to dream, to believe that you can make a difference.

But being your typical wavering-undecided-young-Singaporean, I shall just leave you with this: Don't let me tell you what to do.

Or do, because that statement itself is contradictory.