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t r i b u n e . o n l i n e
the students' voice

by Janice and Zhiyi

---Stage One

The first stage is easiest to identify, mainly by its choke-tight belt and bewildered stare.

Tendencies include carrying overstuffed schoolbags and becoming speechless in front of older stages AKA "seniors".
---Stage Two

By this stage, the bewilderment would have changed to mischief.

Glasses are now tinted, belt looser, and pagers become an essential accessory. Also of note are the huge watches and flashy sport shoes.
---Stage Three

Now the fashion philosophy is asymmetry. A "tail" in the hairstyle and below-ankle socks are common features.

Glasses have changed to contact lenses, and handphones are a must.

Premature cynicism surfaces, slowly but surely.
---Stage Four

The final stage is one of indifference and apathy. Members of this stage walk like the undead - a condition made worse by their symbiotic relationship with their Discman.

The minority who are not completely apathetic have a fondness for tinted contact lenses.
disclaimer: this article may not accurately reflect the actual nature of RGS girls.

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