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Chronic dieting is practically an international pastime, and RGS is no different. The Net provides us with an infinite number of myths about slimming - myths you shouldn't believe in too easily. For one, dieting is never as easy as it seems; no slimming tea ever does much good for you.

The truth hurts

For a start, dieting doesn't work, because when you starve your body, it does not have carbohydrate reserves to rely on, and it ends up eating your muscles. Only after your muscles have been depeleted, will your fats begin to burn. So there's really nothing much you can do if you're already out of shape. Do try exercising and see what happens.

Exercise does different things for each person. For some, it really trims off fat; but for others,all it does is build bulk and make your legs look bulkier than ever. Essentially, you would have to tailor your 'dieting' programme to your own needs; don't take it from some online lifestyle website targeting for the anorexic working girl and try applying the suggestions to yourself. You'll only end up looking emaciated!

However, there are some things you could do - short term solutions, no doubt, but good enough for that hot date? ;) TRIBUNE takes a look...

1. Suck in that spare tyre. Okay, this proves to be quite tiring (haha) at times, but this has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of deluding everyone ( yourself included ) into imagining that the figure in question possesses a "Scarlett O'Hara" waist.

2. Use a corset ten sizes smaller than your pinky. You'll be a beanpole in no time!

3. Grow taller. If you can't lose it, grow it - balance out your height-for-weight ratio!

4. Wear a tighter, higher belt ( as the PB advocates ). It's good for you in the long run. ( modification of suggestion no. 2 )

5. Ally yourself with feel-good monikers. Call yourself 'Ally'! Expect vivid hallucinations, though!

6. Theory of Relativity: If you can't reduce your waistline, widen other parts of you.

7. Change your 'XL' tags to 'XS' tags. Foolproof, my dear.

8. Wear really big clothes so you feel like you're swimming in them. It's a psychological thing!!

9. Change the mirrors in your house. Get convex ones!!

However, one must bear in mind that dieting is only for those who require it for health reasons. Dieting for aesthetic reasons is not only unhealthy for the body, but it is also potentially damaging to one's emotional well-being as well. After all, who's to say what the ideal figure is anyway?

Toh Weisi
Jane Chua

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